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Thread: My whites PLEASE help :)

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    Question My whites PLEASE help :)

    Hi every 2 questions 2 day!!

    Firstly ever since I got my whites he was always very lazy NEVER moves in the day at all but at night he is quite active. I heard of an illness called red leg and I was wondering if he has had it this whole time since day one i realised that under his legs were pinky but i though that was normal for all frogs?? I have attached a photo sorry its not very I can't seem to spread his legs and i don't want to hurt him. So if he does have this red leg, what do I do?! I have researched and there are like no herpetologists in london! does any1 know where to find herpetologists????

    2nd question, my frog always seems quite lonely in there and a lot of the day I'm not home to keep him company. So i wanted to get another whites tree frog to go in there with him, i have had this one for about 2 months now so will a new frog be okay in there with him?? if not i do have a smaller viv which the one in my big viv came in that i could fatten him up in. My frog is abouuttt 2 and a half inches atm. Alos my viv is only 30x30x60 is that enough room for 2 frogs?? if so can someone give me a cheap isn website which sells appropriate sized vivs? or give me dimensions and I might make one myself. I don't realllyyy want to go with all of that eco terra stuff but if thats all there is then I will go with it.

    Thanks guys!!! Name:  Photo on 31-01-2014 at 08.44.jpg
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    Default Re: My whites PLEASE help :)

    Light pink is normal and best way to get a picture of that is to put him on the glass and take a pic from the other side. And a 30x30x60 sounds to small IMO. I would go no small than a 45x45x60 for one MAYBE two if they are both males which are a little smaller. I have three of them in the Exo Terra 90x45x90 and they use every bit of space in it.
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