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Thread: Red Eyed Tree Frogs on sale - $19.99 each!

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    Default Red Eyed Tree Frogs on sale - $19.99 each!

    Available frogs!

    Baby Red Eyed Tree Frogs ON SALE! $19.99 each

    Baby Leutino Red Eyed Tree Frogs $39.99 each

    Baby Indonesian White's Tree Frogs $19.99 each

    Indonesian White's Tree Frogs $14.99 each

    Subadult Blue Eyed White's Tree Frogs - Exact one for sale is the one pictured! $79.99 each

    Subadult Female Tanzanian Pixie Frog - the one pictured is the exact one for sale! $79.99 each

    Adult Male Tanzanian Pixie Frog $79.99 each

    Baby South African Pixie Frogs $29.99 each

    Baby Green Pacman Frogs SALE PRICE! $14.99

    Baby Albino Pacman Frogs SALE PRICE $17.99 each

    Baby Fantasy Frog $26.99 each

    Baby Strawberry Pineapple Pacman Frogs $34.99 each

    Baby Apricot Pacman Frogs $32.99 each

    Large Brown Pacman Frog $69.99 each

    Chubby Frogs $12.99 each

    Baby Tomato Frogs $19.99 each

    Large Tomato Frogs $49.99 each

    Vietnamese Blue Tree Frogs $29.99 each

    Firebelly Toads $6.99 each

    Marbled Salamanders $14.99 each

    Spanish Ribbed Newts $19.99 each

    Available frogs updated daily here: Tree Frogs, Other Frogs & Amphibians

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frogs on sale - $19.99 each!

    My Wife and I bought 2 Red Eye Tree frogs a few weeks ago from LLL reptile and they arrived on time and healthy! They are doing great!

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frogs on sale - $19.99 each!

    I want a Red Eyed Tree Frog more than anything in this world!!!! I currently have 3 Green Tree Frogs native to Tennessee, and I have a Pac Man frog. I would LOVE to get a RETF but the problem I am having is keeping my terrarium warm enough for less fragile frogs.

    I have my frogs in glass aquariums. I have tops on them with lights. They both have heating pads on (outside) bottom of cage. For heat, I have bought some cheap Wal-Mart box heaters to place in back of tank to get tanks up to 75 degrees which they seem to be most comfortable at. But the problem is, maintaining that. I have a 2 bedroom house with just a wood stove. So, it can sometimes get really cold in my house in early winter mornings. And the heaters I have must be manually turned on and off. So I am looking for a more reliable heating source.

    How fragile are the "RETF" as far as heat consistency? My cages have never been below 65 degrees to give you an idea of how cold it can get. But again, my frogs are pretty strong. I mist everyday keeping humidity up. Obtaining a good misting system isn't a problem. But finding a reliable heating source is.

    I would LOVE to hear what other people are doing for heat source for their frogs or reptiles.

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frogs on sale - $19.99 each!

    Who do I get a hold of to buy 3 red eye tree frogs ?

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frogs on sale - $19.99 each!

    You should go check out their website and see what they have available. This post is a couple of years old already.
    2.0.3 Hyla versicolor "Eastern Gray Tree Frogs"
    2.2.0 Agalychnis callidryas "Red Eyed Tree Frogs"

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frogs on sale - $19.99 each!

    I would like to purchase a red eyed tree frog for teaching purposes. I already have my terrarium set up for the new frog.Must be willing to ship. you can contact me at
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