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Thread: Care for injured Southern Toad

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    Default Care for injured Southern Toad

    My room mate noticed a small southern toad the other day that hadn't moved from it's spot in about 24 hours. There is a cold snap here in Florida and she assumed it was just very cold, so she brought it inside the garage to warm up.

    Upon closer inspection, I noticed that his front foot was injured quite badly, so I brought it inside.

    His injury was caked with mud and debris. After cleaning it away, it seems he is missing all but a thumb. The skin is scraped and there is some swelling.

    There is much conflicting information online concerning the care and treatment of these guys. For example, many people recommend treating with Betadine, while others say it's very toxic. Some people recommended malachite green, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for an open wound.

    Thus far, I have cleaned the area with warm, chlorine treated water, and I applied an antibacterial ointment. He is in a small box which I am keeping very clean for now, and I have purchased pin head crickets, although I don't think he's eaten any. I've read about "slow moving" prey, and supplements but am afraid I am not really familiar with any of this. Would slow moving mean something like a meal worm?

    He is relatively alert, although not keen on moving about for obvious reasons...I'm trying to leave him be as much as possible so I don't stress him out.

    Again, it is a wild toad and not a pet, so I don't have a herp vet, and have had no luck finding a wildlife facility that will take him. These toads are very common here, and prone to being victims of lawn mowers, cats, dogs, etc. People seem to be more sympathetic of the more cuddly, furry brand of nature around here, unfortunately.

    I am venturing out for a more appropriate enclosure today, and any recommended supplies. Any advice on this is most appreciated!


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    Default Re: Care for injured Southern Toad

    **UPDATE: Thank you to all the hobbyists and basement dwellers (50) who read this post and decided it wasn't worth answering. The toad is now DEAD.

    edited : nasties have been removed !

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    Default Re: Care for injured Southern Toad

    Hi dude. Just read this post sunday, but something was wrong with FF - I could not reply. 'Kept saying my message was too short to be posted, no matter how long it was.

    Per my eperience, what you would have been advised was to put him in a tank with unprinted paper towels, which were to be changed everyday and treat him with a referred anti-bacterial treatment, both to avoid infection. However, when there's no picture, it's hard to judge how badly he's injured - if it's just a superficial wound or if his foot is completely bashed up.

    Seeing that he died in just two days (not knowing how long he's been going around like this) and the fact that he was unable to move around much, it could indicate internal injuries, which he may have died of, in which case there's not much you could have done :./

    I'm sorry no one replied you. Maybe they had the same posting-issue as me.

    You did a good thing trying to save him. At least he died warm and safe from predators - anything counts.

    - Vic

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    Default Re: Care for injured Southern Toad

    I'm sorry your thread was missed by myself and others and for the toad's death . Been trying this week to search for missed threads during the holidays; but did not see yours.

    Still, your bad judgement and behavior on post no. 2. is not warranted and a violation of our Terms of Service. You are banned, goodbye !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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