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Thread: pacman frog has been staying under substrate

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    Default pacman frog has been staying under substrate

    Hey guys my pacman frog has been completely under its substrate since I fed it a pinky about 3 days ago. Should I be concerned or anything? (its still alive lol) would it just be digesting..? Any input is appreciated. The temp ranges from 75-85 and everything is up to par

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    Default Re: pacman frog has been staying under substrate

    Well, I'm no expert (though I'm working on it), but it seems like that's something Pacman frogs do very often. Part of it is because they are ambush predators.

    They don't want to waste energy hauling their fat butts around, so they have taken a sit-and-wait approach. They don't move or make a sound, like obese little ninjas, then when a cricket gets too close... BLAMMO! A sudden burst of energy! And if the frog succeeds in catching something to eat, it has wasted no effort to get it. Then, if some fatter, hungrier frog tries to get it, it will have the energy to slowly escape.

    But, what to do if it's belly is full? Best approach would probably be to hide underground while it digests.

    So, I'd say your digestion theory makes sense with what I have learned about these frogs.

    I also know they go under to get cooler, so it may feel too warm. That's possible, but doubtful, because their natural habitat is warm and humid.

    I've read that as long as you have the correct substrate and keep it sufficiently moist, it will take water in by absorbing it through the skin, and it will breathe so slowly that it can sort of suck oxygen through the mud...? Maybe someone can correct me on that.

    But anyway, if he was healthy and eating a few days ago and his tank is up to snuff, I'd say he's just sleeping it off. How big is your frog and how often do you feed it pinkies?

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    Default Re: pacman frog has been staying under substrate

    My frog does the same thing.
    I fed him last sunday and he borrowed in and He hasn't surfaced since.

    I have a $40.00 IP cam on him so I can check in on him when I travel.
    and I can pan tilt and zoom in and look at the temperature readouts.
    And even listen in and talk to him.

    That is how I can tell if he is ok.
    I will see the substrate move when I talk to him. LOL

    I found a supplier of Rare earth magnets that are plastic coated.
    I glued three to them to the base of the cam and I can place the cam pretty much anywhere I want.
    on the screen on the top or on the side of the exo-terra.

    Right now since it is night time the cam is in IR mode. You can see the reflection of the ring of IR LED's in the back glass of the tank.
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    Default pacman frog has been staying under substrate

    My buddy stays burried 90% of the time. About an hour after I turn his day light off, he'll reappear, eat until it looks like he's going to pop, and by morning he is out of sight until he decides he's hungry again. I was nervous at first when I wouldn't see him for a while, but seems to be routine now for this fat guy.

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    Default Re: pacman frog has been staying under substrate

    Some of mine are also real burrow artists. My big female and 2 males don't even come up to eat, so I uncover them, move some dirt away with my tongs from the mouth and feed them on the feeding days. None of them seem to mind, if they aren't hungry they will make it clear.

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