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  • In Different Rooms - Kitchen & Other

    2 3.17%
  • In Different Rooms - Living Room & Other

    8 12.70%
  • In Different Rooms - Other

    3 4.76%
  • In One Room - Dining/Breakfast/Eating Area

    1 1.59%
  • In One Room - Living Room/Den

    14 22.22%
  • In One Room - Bedroom

    27 42.86%
  • In One Room - Kitchen

    3 4.76%
  • In One Room - Other

    8 12.70%
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Thread: What Room Do You Keep Your Frogs? (Poll)

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    Paul Rust

    Default Re: What Room Do You Keep Your Frogs? (Poll)

    Quote Originally Posted by SludgeMunkey View Post
    I keep all my amphibians between two rooms at the moment. I have a "warm" room and a "cold" room set up here in the basement.

    I just bought a new house, and currently have some serious construction going on in the new Critter Cave in the basement there. Then, I will have my cool temp amphibians on one side of the room, and my warm temp amphibians on the other with my office sandwiched between the two.
    Nice. I am in the middle of the same situation. Do you feel like starting a thread on your progress. We appear to have similar needs and I would love to see your ideas. I have no idea how I want to design this space.

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    Default Re: What Room Do You Keep Your Frogs? (Poll)

    Before recently moving, I lived in a studio apartment, so it was all just one room. I did try to separate it with furniture, however. So technically....I had my White's and snake in the living room area, my leaf frog in the bedroom area, and my fish on the counter between the kitchen and the dining room.

    Now, I have my leaf frog, snake, fish, and my friend's golden tree frog in my bedroom, and the White's in the dining room of the house I'm staying at.

    I work at a pet store, so I usually just buy crickets when I need them, since I'm at the store 5 days a week. I have a critter keeper of mealworm babies (a lot might have died....when the beetles died, and I got so swamped, I totally forgot about it. Weeks later, I started packing, and found mealworms). My family hates my mealworms and waxworms in the fridge, and hate the pinkies in the freezer even more. And...months after I had moved out the first time, they were still finding crickets. They're glad to have me back.

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    Default Re: What Room Do You Keep Your Frogs? (Poll)

    I keep all my reps in my living-room apart from my snakes,they are in my bedroom. Only way my carers will enter my house lol

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    Default Re: What Room Do You Keep Your Frogs? (Poll)

    Well, initially I had kept my Red Eye Tree Frogs on my kitchen counter next to my Fire Belly Toads. But I have now moved the tank to my home office with another spare tank that I want to fill with more tree frogs this summer. Here is before and after:

    BTW, I plan on changing the picture on the wall to a poster of frogs. Hopefully something I took a picture of, since I am a part-time photographer. lol

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