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Thread: New fire belly toads and new to them

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    Default New fire belly toads and new to them

    Hiya i just got 2 new fire belly toads today and im a beginner with them and i got 2 questions. The first is how can i tell which sexs they are and the second is can anyone give me info on there breeding i only had them for about 4 hours now and i think there already mating

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    Hi! When they are young, it's impossible to tell which sexs they are. When they get older the male is a bit smaller then the female. The male also has a different thumb. The tumb is thicker. When they want to mate, the male will make a soft almost barking sound. Females don't make a sound.
    They will breed very easy, and they will lay eggs after a cold water change. You will have to keep the small ones away from the adults because the adults eat the small ones.

    For the best breeding results you will have to keep them at low temperatures in winter. You can store them in a cool place in a plastic container with some hiding places.

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