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Thread: HELP - what do do for tadpole sick from chlorinated water

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    Default HELP - what do do for tadpole sick from chlorinated water

    While visiting family for Christmas, our pet sitter added tap water to our leopard frog tadpole. She replaced almost all his water with tap water. He isn't moving much and looks very pale. He spent about 3 days in the chlorinated water while we were away. As soon as we got home and learned what happened, we replaced his water with dechlorinated spring water, but he still seems sick. I can't find any information on the internet about whether there is anything we can do to help him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: HELP - what do do for tadpole sick from chlorinated water

    You already did what could be done by changing water to correct one. Once I accidentally did a large water change in a Betta tank with tap water (forgot to add dechlorinator) and the fish negative reaction was immediate. Even though exposure lasted for less than 5 minutes; it took the fish over a day to recover. How many days have gone since you replaced water?
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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