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Thread: Springtails Cultures------ Now, Take Advantage of FREE SHIPPING!!! limited time only

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    Default Springtails Cultures------ Now, Take Advantage of FREE SHIPPING!!! limited time only

    Culturing Springtails.@

    Check Out Other Feeder Insects & Supplies @

    Springtails (Order collembola) are you enclosure's best friend.

    Basically, they are a microfauna that will live and breed in the substrate. They will help you clean out your tank or vivarium by feeding on dead fecal matter, (Poop) and leaves, and dead feeders, (Crickets and such) they are cherished by enthusiasts since they chomp up mold and fungus along with frog poop like pacman. We have many varieties tropical and temperate and at our prices we are often told we have the Best website to buy springtails.

    Springtails will also be part of the diet of smaller frogs, like thumbnail frogs, some tree frogs and dart frogs. They are fairly inexpensive, are easy to keep and breed and you will soon have a plentiful supply because of their prolific breeding. We sell Temperate, tropical, pink and silver varieties and our website is the Best Place Online to get the variations of springtails.

    Springtails have been a secret of enthusiasts for a long time and along with other cleaner crews they do the job that nature intended, saving you time and hassle and giving you a chance at coming closer to a self sustaining environment for your pets.

    FREE SHIPPING for a limited time
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    Click Here & Check Out Our Ready To Go Naturally Booming Springtail Cultures (Order Collembola)

    Tropical, Temperate, Pink and Silver Springtails Like Our Isopods are shipped in 8 oz containers, We could put them in 16 or 24 oz containers but we suspect you Desire to buy numerous springtails for tank cleaning and feeder purposes for your poison dart and small or juvenile frogs or pets We also suspect you do not need us to ship your springtails purchase in excess substrate in the containers at higher shipping charges. Your 8 oz Springtails Cultures will be brimming with springtails. We start them a few months in advance to let them multiply. You will want to remove them from their container as soon as you receive them as they will be too numerous and need a much larger container to continue their colonizing.

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