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Thread: injured Dwarf frog question for new owner

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    Default injured Dwarf frog question for new owner

    So basically I have owned African clawed frogs for over 15 years, but recently I got 2 dwarf frogs and I have lots to learn about them. I was browsing the frogs at the pet store,bad idea ...and I came across 2 dwarf frogs with severe arm injuries. I got the manager to give them to me for free and decided to try to save them. I treated with clean water every day and marycyn . each has a severe left arm injury, where the arm had been mostly taken off but what was left was covered in fungus/bacteriawell it has been one week and the frogs both had the infected arms fall off. this left a bit of bone sticking out of the shoulder on each frog. they are both active and eating. my question is, after they fully heal can they go in my ten gallon? I have 2 guppies in there as well as some snails, and a few zebra danios . thanks!

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    Default Re: injured Dwarf frog question for new owner

    Hi Ally! Myself think those two are better off in their own hospital tank for at least 30 days to ensure they are fully recovered from any bacteria and fungi infection. Also, because they are currently handicapped, maybe it's best to keep by themselves permanently.

    Can you please answer the below questions, so we can best recommend any further actions? Thank you !

    “Trouble in the Frog Enclosure”

    The following information will be very helpful if provided when requesting assistance with either your frog or enclosure. To help with your questions, please utilize the below list and post the information in the proper forum area to get advice from FF members that keep the same frog. This will allow for little confusion and a faster more informed response.

    1. Tank Size and volume of water in it (full, 1/2 filled, etc.)?

    2. Number of inhabitants including all frogs and any fish?

    3. Water source and any conditioner treatments?

    4. Water Temperature and how is it heated (if so)?

    5. Water chemistry levels: pH; Ammonia (NH3); Nitrites (NO2); Nitrates (NO3)? Note that if you do not have test kits, most aquariums/pet shops will do complimentary tests if you take a clean water sample.

    6. Describe any filter system including model and media?[/COLOR]

    7. Substrate type?

    8. Tank set-up (plants (live or artificial), driftwood, hide outs and other decor? - How were things prepared prior to being put into the tank?

    9. Main frog staple food and any treats? How often you feed?

    10. CA, vitamins, and any other additives used (how often)?

    11. Lighting set-up and hours it's used?

    12. When is the last time frog ate?

    13. Have you found poop lately?

    14. A picture would be helpful including frog and tank (any including cell phone pics are fine).

    15. How old is the frog?

    16. How long have you owned him/her?

    17. Is the frog wild caught or captive bred?

    18. Any medications in the water (treatment dosis and for how long)?

    19. Any salt in water (how much)?

    20. Is the tank kept in a high or low traffic area?

    21. Describe tank maintenance to include water changes, cleaning, media changes, etc.).

    By Lynn(flybyferns), GrifTheGreat, and aquatic questions added by Carlos(Mentat)
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: injured Dwarf frog question for new owner

    As a keeper of seven African dwarf frogs for almost nine years now.
    I will say Carlos is 100% correct.

    It is much better to have the injured frogs in their own hospital tank.
    The biggest reason why is that when you have to add medications you don't want to have to medicate an entire community.
    Because when you use certain medications you have to remove filtering carbon.
    And do frequent water changes.

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