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Thread: What should I feed my African clawed frog?

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    Default What should I feed my African clawed frog?

    I have had an ACF for 8 years now (got him off of and for those 8 years all that he has eaten is a frog formula from the site I have heard they can eat a lot of different things but I'm afraid that sense the formula is all he's ever eaten other food might hurt him. Can I start feeding him different things if so what should I feed him?

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    Billy Oscar Burrows

    Default Re: What should I feed my African clawed frog?

    Probably try mixing some dead insects into the current formula that you are using, but be careful: A sudden change in diet can have bad results in any animal, including humans. He should be OK as long as you don't mix to many insects in.

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    Default Re: What should I feed my African clawed frog?

    Sorry idon't know

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    Default Re: What should I feed my African clawed frog?

    They will eat earthworms like "night crawlers" which are very nutritious and readily available from Walmart and/or local bait shops (get plain ones without chemical dyes). Can cut the worms from their pointy end if the frogs are small froglets or juvies and the worms will heal. An adult frog should be able to handle worms as long as it's body.

    Insects should be sized no bigger than distance between frogs eyes and gut loaded with carrots, lettuce, oats, and cherios for 24-48 hours before feeding frogs. Good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: What should I feed my African clawed frog?

    It is well known that African clawed frogs will eat anything that will go into their mouth, but it still is a good idea to feed well balanced foods. I feed my ACFs exclusively Tetra's Repto-Min. Of all the prepared foods, this is the only one that I personally recommend. Chopped night crawlers of appropriate size will be eaten with gusto Maybe a better worm choise would be California blackworms (Lumbriculus variegates).

    Young ACFs should be fed 4-5 times a week, while fully grown adults 3 times a week. Of course, any uneaten food must be removed ASAP (within 20-25 minutes of feeding) as it can foul and adversely affect the water chemistry.

    Overfed or stressed frogs may regurgitate the food, so do not disturb them during feeding to about 2 hours after. Normally, regurigation does not affect the frog - however, there is a chance that the frog may not be able to retract the stomach and will die due to suffocation.

    Each person that posted on this thread has great ideas on feeding ACFs and they all are correct, the important thing to remember is do what is best for the frog
    Terry Gampper
    Nebraska Herpetological Society

    “If we can discover the meaning in the trilling of a frog, perhaps we may understand why it is for us not merely noise but a song of poetry and emotion.”
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    Small Pet Feeders

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    Oh gosh, you can feed African Clawed Frogs, as an earlier poster said, just about anything that will fit in their mouths. They're like small aquatic pacman frogs lol. Our ACF loves live food, and honestly at this point I wonder if it would eat anything else. If it stays well fed, it stays away from my $15-$20 fish I have swimming around in the same tank. Do you keep your frog with any fish?

    Here's a few different ideas with links to introductions, caresheets, and where to find them. If you ever need any help with figuring out new foods for your pets or aquariums, give me a shout as I'm always looking for new foods myself to feed my critters. I also have really small nematodes for fish babies that spawn in my tank and small African Clawed Frogs will eat them as well. In fact I brought home a new albino last night and this morning he was going NUTS when I dipped the Grindal Worms culture lid into the water (as they crawl up to the lid) and put probably 100 or more little nematodes into the tank, it was really enjoyable to watch the little guy slurp up the little worms lol

    Black Worms - Small aquatic worms that is similar to Tubifex (the sewage worm), except that they grow in the silt beds of clean rivers in California. I wouldn't recommend you feed wild blackworms, as they can contain diseases, but the ones below are farm raised and tested clean. These might be a lil small for your frog if hes bigger than your fist, but generally they will still eat the large clumps of worms like spaghetti. Always keep these in your fridge and rinse them out daily to maximize their shelf life.
    Caresheet & Culturing - California Blackworms (Care & Culturing) - Small Pet Feeders, LLC (English)
    Live Blackworms - California Black Worms - Small Pet Feeders, LLC (English)

    Silkworms - Caterpillar that feeds on mulberry leaves. Generally sold with processed mulberry chow to eat. Grow to 3" long, but start off as very small black hairy caterpillars, and grow from there. So depending on the size of your frog, you could do either silkworm eggs or silkworm pods (my suggestion is the latter if you haven't hatched Silkworm eggs before)
    Hatching Silkworm eggs - Hatching Silkworm Eggs (Instructions & Caresheet) - Small Pet Feeders, LLC (English)
    Introduction, Nutrition, & Caresheet - Silkworms (Intro, Nutrition, & Caresheet) - Small Pet Feeders, LLC (English)
    Live Silkworm Pods and Eggs - Silkworms - Small Pet Feeders, LLC (English)

    Lesser Waxworms - Similar to the more common greater wax worm, except with being 1/4-1/3 the size of its larger cousin. These are entirely prolific, needing only an food and nesting medium to breed, although they are usually bred in artificial honey combs mixed in cups with beeswax. Both the worms and the moths are edible, but good luck trying to feed off the moths to an aquatic frog lol.
    Caresheet and Culturing Lesser Waxworms - Lesser Waxworms (Care, Culturing and Starter Kit Instructions) - Small Pet Feeders, LLC (English)
    Live lesser waxworms - Lesser Wax worms and moths - Small Pet Feeders, LLC (English)

    There, that should get you started, do you have any pics of your frog? How big would it be? I could possibly give you a few more recommendations if I know how big it is. Also, here's a page with all sorts of small frog feeders if you need to feed baby african clawed frogs.
    Feeder and Pet Beetles - Small Pet Feeders, LLC (English)

    Good luck!


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    Default Re: What should I feed my African clawed frog?

    How do Grindal worms compare to microworms? Judging by the photos they look a little bit bigger?

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