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Thread: My white's tree frog has grey spots?

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    Default My white's tree frog has grey spots?

    I found these on him a couple days ago. They are strange grey spots, each an odd shape. They seem to be blister-like, they've risen from the surface of his skin, and have since opened. He's acting completely normal, other I than the fact I can tell these are bothering him. I have applied some aloe vera diluted water to try and help. What else should I do? I have no clue what may have caused this. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: My white's tree frog has grey spots?

    Poor , baby Sorry
    Could he have gotten burned?

    ?? those dark areas are typically seen after the area heals ?? So i'm worried he has an infection.

    This frog needs SSD (Silversulfadiazene is a topical antibiotic and antifungal ) and perhaps an antibiotic if the area has "opened" ?
    You can email Dr Frye: ( you will pay for only the medications and shipping via cr card)

    In the meantime you could use ( nesoprin) every am after he goes to sleep.
    Use a q-tip and apply a thin layer on the entire area.
    The Neosporin MUST be the one WITHOUT pain reliever---as the pain reliever ( an analgesic) could kill your frog.
    Also, cream if possible rather than ointment.

    It's best not to handle him during all of this this.
    If he does not live alone - he should be put into a hospital/quarantine tank until he is healed.

    The neosporin is NOT the best treatment for this - just temporary until you get your medication delivery from Dr Frye.

    He needs a vet.

    Perhaps email him tonight so the shipment can be sent tomorrow.... after he reads your email?
    Provide these photos and the most recent photos you have ( date them)
    Include the est. age of the frog and a measurement of him from the tip of his nose to the vent.

    Unless of course you have a herp vet; simply make an appt asap

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    Default My white's tree frog has grey spots?

    Lynn's got you covered . =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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    Default Re: My white's tree frog has grey spots?

    I'll do exactly that. I appreciate it greatly!

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