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Thread: Issues regarding feeding froglettes/juvenile frogs

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    Question Issues regarding feeding froglettes/juvenile frogs

    My two frogs are sized at ~2 1/2'' and ~3'' (when not stretched).

    Many sources online are a bit skewed with information, such as how often to feed young ACF's. Some sites say once a day, some say once every other day, and some even say every three days. I was wondering what a proper feeding schedule should be until they mature.

    Specific issues regarding to food, the larger frog is very adept to catching the Reptomin as it enters the tank, and scavenging for the remains, which leads to my concern of (her) possibly interfering with the smaller frog's chances at catching food.

    I have tried to hand feed the smaller one specifically, but he is very skittish and sometimes oblivious to the floating pellets around him. But I have noticed he is more keen on scavenging the bottom of the tank for the eventually sunken food, if not already immediately gulped up by the larger.

    Is there some sort of alternative method to make sure that my smaller froglette is eating adequately? Like a new method of administration or perhaps a different type of food?
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    Default Re: Issues regarding feeding froglettes/juvenile frogs

    The amount of food/periodicity should be adjusted as the frogs grow. Froglets would need daily feeding, while full grown frogs could do with a feeding every couple days. Just look at the frogs and adjust it so they do not get too fat or skinny.

    To help the smaller one get more food, use a plastic cup or similar and add a bit of aquarium water. Soak some Reptomin pellets until they sink. Then use those to feed the smaller frog while the larger one is busy eating the ones on the surface .
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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