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    Question Poorly Frog

    I wasn't sure where to post this as I'm not sure Kassina's are classified as tree frogs, but anyway......

    One of my frogs has a milky looking eye. I saw it had a piece of compost stuck to the eye the other day and I tried to gently remove it with a piece of tissue. In the end the frog wiped it off with his front foot.

    Is there anything I can do? Will it get better on its own? Any ideas?

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    I have not had this kind of infection in my collection, but I have seen it in the Museum of Science's collection several years back. A green frog, Lithobates clamitans melanota had it and was taken off display and put under a veterinarian's care. Unfortunately, you need to take it to a vet. Sorry.

    Also Kassina are in the family Hyperoliidae, reed frogs and African treefrogs. So I guess it is ok to post them in the treefrog section.

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    You'll most likely have to get a prescription for a multi antibiotic eye ointment (don't use human preparations because some antibiotics that are harmless to humans are not harmless to amphibians). So yes, you'll most likely have to visit the vet. I hope you find a vet who won't rip you off - those are rare.

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    I made an appointment with a vet for my frog for this coming Monday, but his eye is much better. Obviously I'm watching him closely to monitor any changes and if I think there's a problem I will still take him, but at this moment I'm going to just wait and see.
    When the eye was at its worst the whole eyeball looked very swollen, it was very milky and the pupil looked unreactive to light. Now it has receded back to the same size as the good eye, there is very little difference in colour and the pupil has returned to the vertical slit shape that the other has. So I'm hopeful.
    Also I have been watching how much he eats, as he is the skinny one of the two. Believe me, he packs away those crickets! I put more crickets in than usual, more like 20 rather than the 6-8 I usually do and he was going nuts scoffing them! He was sat at the end of his underground tunnel waiting for the crickets to walk past, I saw him eat about 6 in around 10 minutes!
    So though he still looks bony around his hips, he's certainly eating and sits on quite a tummy underneath!
    Also, one thing I've noticed. Everything I've read about Kassinas says that they only call from the water, but mine call at any time, day or night and even from the underground tunnel!
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    I don't know. I think I would still feel better having the frog checked out, just to be on the safe side.

    Are they both calling?

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    That's the problem, every time I move to take a look at who's calling, they stop! Though yesterday it DID sound like they were both calling.

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    Thats the way it used to be with my red-eyes and thats the way it is now with my tomato frogs. My red-eyes are now much bolder I think because I have bred them. They will even call when I'm standing righ next to them. My fire-bellied toads will from my hand. The tomatos still shup if I approach them. The were calling the other day and I was standing right next to the cage, however I could not see them, and chances are they could not see me.

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