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Thread: HELP Frog looks bloated

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    Default HELP Frog looks bloated

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    Kairu, my frog, has some new black spots on him and his right side looks a little swollen. When he moves the bump seems to flatten out so I put him in a clear tupperware to view his underbelly. As you can see he has a dark spot. He was submerged in his water bowl but came out to eat (?) so I was hoping this is normal and its just some eco earth mixed in with food that will soon pass. Just in case I put some pedialyte mix in his water bowl and put him in a 12w"8"tx6"d enclosure.

    Also, the little black spots just below his eyes are new?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you

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    Default HELP Frog looks bloated

    Hello . I can not see the spots well enough from the small image. Can you get a larger photo?

    Bloating on the right side of a frog belly is usually a sign that they need to poop. If he has not pooped for you yet, you can do a honey soak. Use lukewarm (approx 80'F) water and add about 2 drops of honey. Soak him for 15 minutes. He only has to sit in the water. Then make another bath with no honey and soak another 15 minutes to rinse of the excess honey. He should, hopefully, poop within the next day. =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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