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Thread: Pacman not eating :(

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    Unhappy Pacman not eating :(

    I got an Ornate Horned Frog on Sunday (five days ago), and he hasn't eaten since. He is about the size of a quarter, has sphagnum moss as the bedding, an under the tank heater, and I have partially covered the top with plastic to increase the humidity. I have tried offering him mealworms and crickets, but he has eaten neither. Is there something I should be doing differently? I'm concerned because he hasn't eaten for almost a week and is so young. Should I change something I am doing? Thank you!

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    Paul Rust

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I moved your post to give you your own thread, better chance of getting help this way. Your setup sounds fine. If your frog is stressed which is common in new arrivals he won't eat. Have you tried leaving him alone in a quiet room for a few hours? Drop a few crickets in with him and let him settle in. Also, are the crickets the appropriate size?

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    What is the temp and humidity? Also are you feeding the appropriate size of feeders? Also you might want to leave him alone as well. Most animals need time to adjust to their new environments before they settle in to eat.

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