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Thread: Toad behaviour , climbing walls?

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    Default Toad behaviour , climbing walls?

    I have three FBT's and I have had them for about three years now.
    A couple weeks ago one of my FBT's escaped the tank. Luckily, my dad found him and put him back in the tank.
    Since then, I put a heavy book on the top of the lid, but he somehow escaped again. So I duck taped the lid, and put three heavy books on the top of the lid instead of one. After that it didn't happen again, but my frogs have been climbing the walls and sometimes hanging from the top lid and just hanging out up there , like they hate getting wet or staying near the bottom. The one that escapes is the smallest and he is one-eyed, but he somehow always squeezes out! Is this normal? or something I should be worried about?

    - Thanks!

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    Default Re: Toad behaviour , climbing walls?

    LOL, they got a taste of freedom.....mine have never escaped but mine do climb the walls also, I think the are fine, they are just exploring or what I call, "Playing" .

    I know people in another thread are saying that Frogs don't play, yes they are right but its just what I call it.

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    Default Re: Toad behaviour , climbing walls?

    If have fbt's too, and mine also climb the wall. I think they like to explore!

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    Amy Adams

    Default Re: Toad behaviour , climbing walls?

    I have 4 FBT and one escaped a couple of times. Always the same one. (A taste for freedom sounds about right ) They all like to climb up the screen and I hear "splashes in the night" LOL.

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