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Thread: My baby pacman wont eat!?

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    Unhappy My baby pacman wont eat!?

    So i recently purchased a baby pacman from petsmart and have all the right supplies the temp is 80 degrees farenheit and humidity is 75. I got him 3 days ago and he hasnt eaten a single cricket i put in front of him using tongs. All he is doing is burrowing. I dont want him to die of not eating food!PLEASE HELP!

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    First off, Relax. It takes a definite few days for your baby to adjust. Burrowing is what these frogs do. I wouldn't worry about tong feeding at the momebt either. Start with grtting him eating first then move forward. Please fill these questions out and post them on this thread so we can get you set up perfect.
    “Trouble in the Frog Enclosure”
    The following information will be very helpful if provided when requesting assistance with either your frog or enclosure. To help with your questions, please utilize the below list and post the information in the proper forum area to get advice from FF members that keep the same frog. This will allow for little confusion and a faster more informed response.

    1. Size of enclosure
    2. # of inhabitants - specifically other frogs and size differences
    3. Humidity
    4. Temperature
    5. Water - type - for both misting and soaking dish
    6. Materials used for substrate
    7. Enclosure set up i.e. plants (live or artificial), wood, bark and other materials.
    - How were things prepared prior to being put into the viv.
    8. Main food source
    9. Vitamins and calcium? (how often)
    10. Lighting
    11. What is being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure
    12. When is the last time he/she ate
    13. Have you found poop lately
    14. A pic would be helpful including frog and enclosure (any including cell phone pic is fine)
    15. How old is the frog
    16. How long have you owned him/her
    17. Is the frog wild caught or captive bred
    18. Frog food- how often and if it is diverse, what other feeders are used as treats
    19. How often the frog is handled
    20. Is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area
    21. Describe enclosure maintenance (water changes, cleaning, etc)

    by Lynn(Flybyferns) and GrifTheGreat.

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    Default Re: My baby pacman wont eat!?

    Hello and welcome to FF! Your frog is probably not eating because it's stressed from transfer and new enclosure. Please answer above questions the best you can so we can identify any stress related issues (like a too big enclosure). Remember to use dechlorinated tap for water dish and spraying and gut load crickets with fresh carrots and lettuce, cereals like oats and cherios, and veggie type fish food flakes. Also, read this excellent care article: . Good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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