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Thread: Building a cabinet for frogs

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    Default Building a cabinet for frogs

    I have 3 frogs setups right now and I had previously bought a book shelf but that's just not going to do anymore. Its at most a 12" depth and that's what my current enclosures are, which made maintenance difficult. So what I have is 2 tomato frogs, both females I believe, sharing an enclosure. And two pacman that are in 24" long enclosures. What I am working towards buying once I get this cabinet setup are 3 exo terra tanks 24"L x 18"D x 12"H. The two pacman will have heat lamps on top of the lids and they are about 8.5" H. I should accommodate some safety room between that and the next board/level of the cabinet, right? So maybe 22/23" on those two levels? I'm wondering about the tomato frogs, I originally was planning on putting their lamp on the side to reduce over all height needed for this cabinet but if I end up getting repti-foggers for all three of these enclosures than I'd need more total width, so I may as well have it on top. I'll have a left over small 5.5 heat lamp with dimmer but tomato frogs don't need the heat so much, but winter is coming and they'll need to be in the living room next to the main door where some cool air will be coming in occasionally with 30F to as low as 5F. Sometimes colder but not often. But I won't have to worry about really cold temperatures for a few months. How much room will a repti-fogger need to sit beside my tank? I need to figure out how much width and height I'll need for each of these tanks. The depth shouldn't be much of a problem I'll stick with 18.5/19" since I'll front door access. Thanks for any input.

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