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    Need some help with our new African Bullfrog. We got him about two weeks ago, and within days seemed to develop an eye infection. Took him to the vets and he was given tobramycin opthalmic solution, which he was given while in an isolation set up.
    He did very well, yet when I went to put him back in his tank, his eyes seemed to slightly worsen again. Could it be an allergy ? His set up originally had cocunut fiber bedding, yet I removed it because I thought some of the fine particles might have gotten in his eyes. Now just terranium liner with forest moss and a log cave and a tubberware like pool for a pond. Tank is a 20 gallon long, 60 watt red heating bulb over water and two fluroscent "daylight bulbs over the rest of the tank. About 82 degrees on pool side, and 75 to 78 on the "sunlamp" side. Water used is spring water both for misting and pool. 12/12 cycle light and dark. Fed only in water bowl not near moss.

    Put him back in the isolation tank seems better. Have noticed that this guy seems to like to sleep particualrly after a meal, and will depress his eyes and bring up his protective lids whether on land or water while doing so, is this normal ?

    I going to try cleaning out the tank with a diluted solution of bleach, wipe down and rinse with spring water. Remove the log cave, and replace the "tubberware pond" with a large dog bowl (not sure if something leaching out of the plastic).

    Any other ideas ?

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    Paul Rust

    Default Re: African Bullfrog Help Please

    Googie, I moved and re-named your post to give it better exposure and more of a chance for help in the proper category.

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    Hello, Googie. My name is Jo-Anna and I have 3 African Bullfrogs. I am not sure if I will be able to help you as I have been very fortunate not to have any major issues with any of my ABFs. However, if you are able to post pictures of your frog and the setup you would like him to be in, I, or someone else in the Forum, might be better able to help you. It sounds like you have a pretty advanced setup for your frog. Mine only receive heat in extreme cold fluctuations in the house; the rest of the time, they are kept at room temperature. However, a picture really would help, especially of the problem eye. Hope to hear from you soon.

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