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Thread: Please Identify ???

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    Default Please Identify ???

    I have two healthy wild caught frogs and an unhealthy one. This is the unhealthy one, he lives alone in his own enclosure. He is usually skinny. He's been rather lazy lately and upon inspection I discovered something on his tummy that I haven't seen before. It looks like a ring. The spots weren't there before either. The ring feels solid and when I touched the area his skin moved around but the ring stayed in place. We're going to the vet next week.

    Please take a look at his before and after pictures and if you have any ideas let me know.

    (Note: The before picture isn't very good, but I happened to have it, so I included it.)

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    If I were to guess, I'd say bloat?

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    Default Re: Please Identify ???

    Hi there. it looks like the frog had swallowed something by mistake. Definitely go to the vet ASAP because an impaction can cause a fatality How are you housing him? what is he eating?
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    Default Re: Please Identify ???

    Agree with Ryan and would not be surprised if x-ray show a ring or c-clip shaped object . For ID please include pics from the side and above, thank you !
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    Default Please Identify ???

    Looks like perhaps a small hoop earring? I'd take him to the vet as soon as you can. If they can safely remove it, he still has a chance for a good recovery. That's pretty impressive. Wow! =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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