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Thread: Community Tank- Is it possible?

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    Default Community Tank- Is it possible?

    Hi everyone! I'm a (semi)new frog owner and I'm trying to expand my froggie family. I have had 5 whites dumpy tree frogs for a little under a year now and just recently I heard of communal tanks where there are a couple of different species in one tank. I heard this is possible (though the sources are questionable) and I was wondering if y'all can answer my questions.

    Question 1: Is it even possible?? I'm sure if I had a 100 gallon tank, anything is possible. Mine is 18x18x36.

    Question 2: If it is possible, what species will co-mingle with my little dumpys?

    Question 3: Would the species tomato frog, green tree frog, or chubby frog work with them?
    -Sub question: ARE TOMATO FROGS POISONOUS??? Half of the internet says yes, the other half says no.

    Finally, would any of the afformentioned species make a good pet in general? I have an empty tank lying around and I wouldn't mind putting it to use. But nothing too loud like a pacman or a pixie frog.


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    Default Re: Community Tank- Is it possible?

    I will answer questions 1 threw 3 with one answer. no it is not a good idea to mix species. this goes with all frogs. the reason why is the different species you have may come from different areas. (or may be captive breed and wild caught) in which each frog may carry diseases the other species may not be able to cope with like the carrier species. an American bullfrog for example can carry a variety of parasites and diseases but will not show symptoms and can live with them for long time. but when those diseases are introduced to other species they will die very rapidly. this should be your number one concern with all species . now tree frogs most likely will not eat each other but tomato frogs very well may. this is to include a large variety of other species. It is a rule of thumb to never mix species for many more reasons then i have listed.
    now i believe that most frogs and toads (on the market) make fantastic pets depending on knowledge level and if you can properly house them. Some frogs may cost 10 times more to care for then other frogs. take a tree frog for example the set up may prove to be some what expensive. but a Pixie(which i recognized you have no interest in getting) Is much cheaper even though it will eat 100 times more then a tree frog will. I know many people who are tree frog people, dart frog people, toad people, and true frog people. I for one am a true frog person and that is where my knowledge is. But i am sure the tree frog people and the others will give you very helpful input. welcome to FF.

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    Default Re: Community Tank- Is it possible?

    Good Morning ,
    You have good advice here

    When mixed it may seem fine to your eyes; but, amphibians can hide any symptoms that they are stressed or ill, until it's too late.
    There is risk of incompatibilities in environmental needs, resistance to disease and parasites , and/or behavior making this a recipe for disaster.

    As mentioned -- some main concerns :
    -The transfer parasitic infections to each other that will ultimately lead to a greater problem or even death.
    -The temperatures and humidity for each animal is different, making it very hard to maintain a correct climate for each animal. This will also lead add to the health problems and additional stress.
    -Large enough space....Adding an additional species leaves absolutely no space for them to get away from each other. Your tank , although large, is tight for 5 Whites.

    An addition to your nice collection is a great idea
    It's great that you are doing your research !

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    Default Re: Community Tank- Is it possible?

    Quote Originally Posted by DeeliciousBaby View Post
    ... Question 3: Would the species tomato frog, green tree frog, or chubby frog work with them?
    -Sub question: ARE TOMATO FROGS POISONOUS??? Half of the internet says yes, the other half says no....
    Ah the internet... so many people saying so many things ! It's a fact Tomato frog's skin secretes a gummy substance which contains a toxin. By definition, toxins are poisons, so... we can safely state Tomato frogs have a poison .
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    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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