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Thread: Just got two Whites...

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    Default Just got two Whites...

    They were both in the same enclosure together when I got them. They could not be more opposite. One is eating crickets as soon as they are introduced, soaking up the water dish throughout the day and even climbing the synthetic tree branch and facing the outside world (as though he were posing for a picture.. I know this is not the case but, i can't help but force a little personality on him). The other has not eaten (i'm certain) has spent zero time in the water dish, and spends time in the corner of the 10 gallon tank (not climbing just..sitting). He looks skinny and dry and i literally thought he was dead until i misted the entire tank and saw him blink once. I figure the stress of a move like this coupled with the underlying personality may just render some frogs incapacitated, but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks a lot!

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    Hello and welcome to FF ! First thing to do is read this article if you haven't done so yet: Frog Forum - White's Tree Frog Care - Litoria caerulea . How long are your frogs from snout to vent (SVL)? Reason I'm asking is because White's are large frogs that need enclosures way bigger (and taller) than a 10G tank.
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    hi thanks! they are both very small (for a whites) both appear to be a little under 2 inches. the pet shop owners could not attest to their age

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