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Thread: Making the tank hotter

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    Default Making the tank hotter

    Hello everyone! I've had my pacman frog Miles for about 6 weeks now, and after his little eating strike he's been eating like a champ and got huge!

    But as we all know winter is coming and I was wondering how to get my tank a little hotter without loosing humidity. Right now I have a small exo terra heat pad on one side of my 10 gallon tank, and a medium sized exo terra heat pad on the opposite side. For a few weeks it's been really hot out and I didn't even need the heat pads on. But this week it got much colder and it's probably around 70 degrees in my house and about 77 degrees in the tank. I just put on a dome with a 50 watt red bulb on top of the tank, which has been helping the temperature, but now my humidity is getting low. I already have half of the lid wrapped in saran wrap but it's still dropping. I'm a full time student and work full time, so I can't be home spraying the tank all of the time.

    Should I just buy another heat pad? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Making the tank hotter

    Heat pads are very inefficient when used on the side of an enclosure. What has worked for me is to cover the whole top with wrap (can tape to top edges) and then place the dome (unplugged and cool) on top of saran in your area of preference and at least 1 in. from edges. Then using a sharpie; mark around dome's perimeter and use scissors to cut around circle but make hole 1 in. larger and you are done.

    The one in. gap will prevent saran wrap melting from lamps heat and the increased coverage and sealing should help keep humidity with a couple (AM & PM) daily sprayings. You might consider getting an automatic (thermostat) or manual (rheostat) controller prior to Winter to help you dial in the correct temps; good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Making the tank hotter

    If you got $$ I hear the zoo med repti fogger works good you could put it on a timer or the zoo med hygrotherm.

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    This is what I use. It costs a pretty penny but I dont worry about anything but feeding and water changes.

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    Default Re: Making the tank hotter

    If you keep the room the frog is in warmer then there shouldn't be to much of an issue. We try and keep it around 76 in the house so that there isn't a lot of fluctuation in temps and humidity. Sometimes you might have to use a space heater.

    Covering the top like Carlos suggested is also a very good idea and buying a thermostat or rheostat like was also suggested is a good idea.

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    Default Re: Making the tank hotter

    Hey thanks for all the great advice guys! I'm trying what Carlos mentioned and it seems to be working!

    Miles has been doing great so far since I had him! He went from eating 1/4th of a night crawler to about 1 1/2-2 whole ones every night and I haven't even had him for 2 months yet! It's crazy how much bigger he has gotten already!

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    Default Re: Making the tank hotter

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