Hello everyone! I've had my pacman frog Miles for about 6 weeks now, and after his little eating strike he's been eating like a champ and got huge!

But as we all know winter is coming and I was wondering how to get my tank a little hotter without loosing humidity. Right now I have a small exo terra heat pad on one side of my 10 gallon tank, and a medium sized exo terra heat pad on the opposite side. For a few weeks it's been really hot out and I didn't even need the heat pads on. But this week it got much colder and it's probably around 70 degrees in my house and about 77 degrees in the tank. I just put on a dome with a 50 watt red bulb on top of the tank, which has been helping the temperature, but now my humidity is getting low. I already have half of the lid wrapped in saran wrap but it's still dropping. I'm a full time student and work full time, so I can't be home spraying the tank all of the time.

Should I just buy another heat pad? Any suggestions would be appreciated!