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Thread: Ill or injured fire belly?

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    Unhappy Ill or injured fire belly?

    Hi all, new to the form - unfortunately it's a problem with one of my oldest firebellies that brought me your way!

    I just returned from a two month stint out of town, where my roommate was taking care of my animals (so it's hard to say when the first change in behaviour occurred). I have a 20 gallon with three firebellies and a newt - there has been no significant habitat change in over two years.

    My oldest toad, who is 9 or 10 years old, yesterday was quite excitable. He was racing around the tank. Today, as I went to clean the tank and feed them, I noticed some strange behaviours. He was floating in the water with his head under, more floating from his midsection - not the typical graceful butterfly-floating they do. Usually bright and alert, he is skiddish - and will race into a corner - it's almost like he's steering with his shoulders. When he hunts, he's sloppy. When I approach him with my hand, he panics - whereas he usually sits up and waits for crickets to fall.

    Upon picking him up, I notice nothing apparently wrong with him physically. He hasn't lost any weight, no growths or anything. However, upon observing him, he allowed himself to fall onto his back, and stay there. Which has never happened. His swimming is off kilter, almost like he's listing to one side - often resulting in an upside down floating in the water. He'll sit there for a moment like that before clumsily righting himself.

    I know he is older, and I have never had any problems with him. But I am curious to know if anyone else has had similar symptoms appear? I have since put him in isolation with a fresh batch of water, and rounded corners.

    Any suggestions? Thank you very much for your help - I'm really concerned. All of the other animals in the tank seem alert, wide-eyed, and wonderful.

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    Default Re: Ill or injured fire belly?

    Hello and welcome to FF! Sorry your frog is not well and good that it's isolated from others. What water are you using? Any other frogs acting abnormally?

    Have you discovered anything amiss in enclosure upon your return? Also, can you please test water for pH, Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates and post findings here? Frog appears to be showing some neurological issues and that could be caused by age, or something toxic in tank. Did roommate do water changes or any maintenance other than feeding frogs? Good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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