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Thread: Albino african clawed frog - newbie.

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    Default Albino african clawed frog - newbie.

    Good afternoon guys and gals.
    I am new to this site so this is my first post,well kind of my second as i posted this already once but then realised there was a place for aquatic clawed frogs!!
    I have had tropical fish for years now and went into our local fish shop and whilst browsing noticed they had some albino african clawed frogs in. I quickly looked up some information online about them and decided to buy one. At the moment he is in our communal tank with the fish. I have another tank 12" x 12" x 14" (27.5 litres) which i was planning on setting up for Alan (the frog) to move into within the next couple of weeks (before he gets to big).
    First question,will this be big enough for him when he gets bigger?
    Also after having a good look around i have found numerous amounts of information but it all varies so much.
    i.e What is the ideal water temp for him
    How often should he be fed
    What is the best type of material to use on the tank bottom etc etc
    Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Albino african clawed frog - newbie.

    That tank would do until he grows somewhat. He will eat your fish when he can fit them into his mouth.

    They tolerate a wide range of temperatures but I would keep him at or around 20 °C (about 68 °F). They will do well at higher temperatures and will be alright at lower ones too.

    I would feed a young clawed frog every day, about as much as it will eat in 10 minutes. As it gets larger, I would feed it every 2 or 3 days.

    Tank bottom - it doesn't really matter, though I would stay away from small, bite-sized gravel, in case he swallows it. Go with aquarium-safe sand or large pebbles.
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    Default Re: Albino african clawed frog - newbie.

    Thank you very much. That is very usefull,i will be able to get his new tank up and ready now.Any other useful tips or advice still welcome.

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