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    Default just brought home a new baby

    I'm sure these are normal questions that are asked a lot but I'm used to keeping reptiles so I'm being very cautious with the new little guy. I got him on Saturday,August 3 with a 5 gallon(he's small) and a shallow water dish and some nightcrawlers. So far since I've had him,he has eaten only one small roach and one nightcrawler but I think he only ate it because I suspect I was bothering him and I REALLY don't want to stress him out as I know that can cause problems. I've only handled him once since going in the tank. He's on coconut fiber mixed with damp frog moss and has a log to hide in with some leaves. I also got a 2.0 uvb compact bulb for him. The temp inside is usually between 74 and 82 during the day and about 70 at night. Yesterday he hid ALL day,didn't even go in the water so I got worried. Then today I came home and he was 100% buried into the substrate and I had to nudge him to get him out. I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right and any advice or criticism is GLADLY welcomed! I was told babies have to eat daily and he has barely eaten anything since I've had him home. Am I doing something wrong? Does he need more time to get used to his new home? I am very careful about washing hands both before and after touching him or anything in his tank. Whats the best way to feed him? Should I get a bigger tank to make it easier for him to move around and easier for me to feed him? Should I take him out of the tank to feed him so he doesn't eat the substrate? Again,I really appreciate any advice you guys can give me. I love all my animals dearly and I want little Buster to thrive into a big fat froggy! also,I think he went to the bathroom at least once. It looked like a tiny piece of poo and either urates or maybe mucus from his body? Not sure which.

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    What I can tell you is 70 degrees is way too cold for these frogs, so he may have been trying to aevistate and would explain his lack of appetite, which they shouldn't be allowed to do when very young. Bump up the temps to 82 degrees during the day, and 78 at night. That should at least boost his appetite. For more info, until someone more experienced then me responds, read this if you haven't:

    Frog Forum - Pacman and Horned Frogs - Ceratophrys - Care and Breeding

    Also UV light is not necessary, especially if your frog is an albino. It hurts their eyes/skin/may cause blindness in the long run. If you need a heat source of some sort, turn to infrared bulbs instead. No more than 50 watts. And if you need a light to establish a 12-hour daylight cycle, just use a 15 watt household bulb.

    And you say your substrate is mixed with frog moss? Is it the "pillow moss" or the "forest moss?" The kind compressed into a brick. If the brick I'd change it to pure coconut fiber. Forest moss is a huge impaction risk.

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    Default Re: just brought home a new baby

    when I came home from work the other day the temp was 84-85 and I thought it'd be too much and I'd cook him so no uv then? how can I dust his food though if he doesn't want to eat? Its the pillow,not the brick and theres only a very small amount of it mixed in. He's not albino,just regular green and brown. I have plenty of light bulbs and heat bulbs laying around,so I will boos the temp as soon as I get up tomorrow. I got the uvb bc I was told they need it to ward off mbd,just like my beardies. Honestly,other than not eating,he seems to be fine. He's been going to and from his water all night so I was happy to see that. The only other question I have is about skin. He has some pale brown/light gray patches on his head and a bit on the back. Is something wrong or is that just how their skin is? I'm being as careful as I can with the hand washing so I hope I didn't cause it. I've read different things about them as far as activity. Are they diurnal or nocturnal? Is a night time bulb recommended or not really? Should I leave food in there for him while I'm away during the day? I've read the care sheet and ordered 2 books on amazon. I really hope if I boost the temps he will eat...should I try feeding him tomorrow? Also,what temp should the water be in his dish? Thanks!

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    Offer food only at night. Horned frogs in general are nocturnal, especially C. cranwelli, which sounds like the species you have. I'd try offering food every night. When he gets hungry he should eat. If he doesn't appear to be losing weight he should be fine. But then I haven't any experience with froglets.

    MBD can be prevented via dusting their food items at appropriate intervals with calcium powder with D3. Use the D3 every other feeding while he's young. Also get a multivitamin supplement if you haven't and, for the time being, supplement with that every week.

    Room temperature should be fine as far as water temps go, provided the room you keep the habitat in doesn't get too cold. This may be more an issue in winter time. Though in general they'll use the water basin as cooling spot, and a toilet on occasion. Are you using a dechlorinating agent in his water, and the water you use to expand the substrate, such a Repti-Safe?

    I don't really think night bulbs are needed. If you're concerned about him getting too cold at night you just as well use infrared for that as well. Animals can't see the infrared light so it's suitable for a 24-hour heat source. 84-85 degrees is considered the limit of what horned frogs can handle as far as heat goes. But low 80s are considered ideal.

    If you're concerned about the temps getting too hot while you're gone, you can get a hygrotherm. You simply plug in your heat source, and program the temps you want into it. You can even set it to drop (X) number of degrees at night (it has a light sensor on it so, provided the nightdrop feature is on) it'll automatically switch itself to night mode when it gets dark enough in the room.

    Also what humidity levels do you have in the habitat? Ideal levels are 70 to 80%. I ask because you can get a humidifier, plug that into the hygrotherm as well and program the humidity level you want it to maintain. Some people use the Repti-Fogger, but I when I tried it I hated that thing so I modified a cool mist humidifier by jamming an airline tube into it and directing it into my Pyxie's cage.

    Don't know about the skin thing. We'd need a picture to judge that for certain.

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    Default just brought home a new baby

    Hi Josh, and welcome .

    You have been given good advice by your fellow members. It may take some time for your frog to settle in. The humidity is as important to these frogs as the temps. I aim for a goal of 80% but 70 is acceptable. I mist 2x/day. 70'F at night is too low. Use a 50watt red bulb in a dome with a dimmer switch to adjust as needed or you can use a regulator, as mentioned above. Cooler temps slow them and their metabolism down, making them less apt to eat. They digest their food best with temps around 80-82'F, especially for babies. (I keep my adults at 80'F during the day and 78'F at night.)

    Feed at night, as they are nocturnal.

    Try covering the back and 2 sides of his home with a background to help him feel secure, preferably natural colors such as blue, green, or brown, or use a natural outdoorsy print.

    I too would remove the moss. If he accidentally ingests it while hunting his food if will cause intestinal impaction.

    Does he have any plants or hides/caves in his home? He would like one . They like to nestle in under the plants or caves. If they feel safe they often leave their heads peaking out . =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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