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Thread: Bubba missing a foot

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    Default Bubba missing a foot

    I can't believe I overlooked this. Bubba has a stump where his right foot should be, even on the picture of the first day that I brought him home. It doesn't seem to bother him I mean, his waterdish is 2cm higher then his substrate, and all he does during the day is hide under the bark and at night I find him lounging in his pool, and his appetite is certainly not slowed down by it, even today he ate 4 locusts. So is this something that could have happend to him as a tadpole? Cannibalism? I checked for a wound and couldn't really see one, so it seems to be healed up just fine.

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    Default Re: Bubba missing a foot

    As long as he is active and eating and there is no evidence of a wound and infection he should be fine. This is possibly a deformity during metamorphosis where the foot didn't develope or it was eaten off by a sibling.

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    I think that could also explain why he was underfed when I bought him and he had an increased feeding reponse (half a box of feeders a day) untill recently, when he started a normal reponse (4 bitesized feeders).
    He was in a terrarium with several other pacmans, all still babies, he might just be that second slower then the rest, because he does take pretty short leaps.
    Either way, I really don' t see it as a problem when he's an adult, it's not like he'll run any marathons.
    I've also decided to leave him in the curver, and postpone the move untill he's an adult, to not cause him any unecessary stress while he's still young.

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