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Thread: Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

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    Default Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

    My baby pacman has refused food 2 days in a row now, temperature today was 26.8-27ish, humidity is around 75%.
    But, I have to add, since I've had the little guy, he's really eaten like a little pig and has grown like a little weed, we are talking 7-8 food items a day of medium to big size (for a baby), could he have gourged "him"self to the point of not needing food for a few days?
    He was really skinny when I got him so I suspect he was underfed in the store, the only change in behaviour I've noticed is that I heard him squeaking a few times today.

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    Default Re: Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

    Hmm. I'm no expert but your temps and humidity sound about right (26-27c = 78-80f). Though you try raising them slightly to 82 degrees (or 28c), at least during the day. If he's been eating like you say then maybe he's just not hungry at the moment. Pacs seem to know how to regulate their intake based on how much food they need to survive and rarely do they overindulge themselves (based on my own searchings). With as much food as he's had, I don't think a couple of days without food may hurt him. If your parameters are right (like they sound), I imagine he'll eat again when he gets hungry.

    BTW what kind of Pacman are we talking here? Cranwelli? Ornate? Fantasy? Albino?

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    Default Re: Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

    I think he's a cranwelli, normal colours. I can't raise the temps to exactly 28, His terrarium currently has no heatsource, it's heated from the sides by 2 desert terrariums from scorpions,(note, he's in a curver, so it can't be from seeing scorpions, since you can't stare through it) today I plan to finalise his new enclosure and put him in a devided tank with my big girl in a day or 2 (have to do the silicone today and test run it), but yes, his growth was jaw dropping.
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    Default Re: Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

    Great Pacman you got there! Pixiefan001 sounds like they got you covered. I just started in the hobbie myself so I'm not even trying to give you any advice but sounds good to me the way you got them!

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    He looks good to me. Yeah sounds like he is full. Does he headbutt the food away any? My Mojo hasn't been eating much in the last few days. 4 or five crickets and a full nightcrawler. But before that he put down almost five full nightcrawlers in one sitting. Just give him a couple days. Also I would make sure he is full and well fed before moving him to the new enclosure because he probably won't eat for a couple days till he adjusts.

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    Default Re: Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

    Yeah I was planning on that, he doesn't headbutt food, he just ignores it, at first he turned towards it though so his initial reflex was still there. I'm not in a hurry to move the little guy, I've checked out the weather report, have to turn off all my heatsources for the next couple of days and switch to my LED lights for lighting. Thanks for all the replies! I'l try feeding him again tonight, so I'l keep everyone updated.

    Edit: Was planning to do the terrarium today but too tired from working + working on my uncles garden house (still have concrete stuck in my hair ), so I'l do it tomorrow before my driving test.

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    Default Re: Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

    Offer him something different than the food you're using. He may be bored with his normal diet.

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    Default Re: Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

    He can't be bored with his diet, I feed him different things everyday, grashoppers, silkworms, red runners, crickets... What more can a guy offer? :P Either way, he din'd accept anything today, so I decided to leave it in for the night, see if he grabs it without me snooping, eventhough that wassn't a problem before.

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    Yeah I just ordered 50 dubia roaches because Mojo hasn't been eating like normal. Finally got the wife to bless off on them! Took a month for that.

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    Default Re: Baby pacman not eating (probably a little overworried)

    Allright, I just checked the curver and it looks like 2 of the 4 medium crickets I dropped in are missing, so I assume he doesn't want me around feeding him... I don't like it, but I'l settle for it for now, since he's a baby, I'l let him win this one for a while, but when he's older, it's my way. I don't get his sudden change in attitude though, looks like I scared him someway.

    Thanks everyone!

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