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Thread: Need help with an injured wild Western Toad

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    Smile Need help with an injured wild Western Toad

    While out walking this morning I found a Western Toad that has an injured mandible. The eye on the same side is also affected. The right eye is fully open but the left one seems to have a film with fluid behind it. After doing a little research I found a suggestion that injured/rescue toads be given Reptaboost so I went and purchased some and he/she had about .3 cc already. The toad is in an aquarium with organic potting soil and a half log to hide under. I don't have a dish of water in the aquarium at this time. The aquarium is in the utility room so it's at ambient temperature. What else can or should I do for the toad?
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    Default Re: Need help with an injured wild Western Toad

    I'm sorry no one has answered your thread yet, typically we're much faster than this but thank you for helping the poor little guy.

    First off, I strongly recommend picking up some Original Neosporin WITHOUT PAINKILLER, some Unflavored Pedialyte, a Reptile/Amphibian Water Conditioner such as Aquatize, and some crickets no larger than the space between the toads eyes, or some Nightcrawlers/Earthworms. The first two you should be able to find at your regular Drugstore or Walmart, the third and fourth at a regular Pet Store.

    You can apply the Neosporin in small amounts to any visible wounds to prevent infection and help healing. As for the pedialyte, give the toad a soak of 1/10 Pedialyte 9/10 Conditioned Water that goes up no farther than his chin. It may give him a boost of energy and help restore lost Electrolytes and give him a little boost. I would offer food, but stick to Earthworms before you move onto crickets. Just make sure the Earthworms come from a pesticide/additive free source.

    Honestly, I think one of the best things to do would be take the poor little guy to the Veterinarian. Make sure it is an Exotic Vet, normal Vets will not know how to help the toad. I'm certain that more experienced people here on the Frog Forum will also chime in and help.

    Keep us posted.
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