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Thread: Eating behavior/speed question.

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    Default Eating behavior/speed question.

    Is it normal for my pyxie to eat a lot faster and more aggressively than my ornate? Even though my ornate is twice as big now, he/she eats so slow compared to the baby pyxie...both are kept at the same temps and humidity levels. My ornate is eating about almost 70% of a night crawler(pretty much almost everything from the "ring" to the tail) is this enough or maybe too much and that's why he doesn't eat as fast because he gets full. The fourth piece is kinda "forced" into his mouth because I don't want to waste it. He is around 2" and a bit more SVL.

    I was just wondering if this behavior was normal when making a comparison before I think my ornate is ill.

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    Default Eating behavior/speed question.

    Every frog is different. Some eat faster and some eat slower. I think your frog is ok. A pixie frog is a more aggressive eater than a pacman frog

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    Default Re: Eating behavior/speed question.

    Yes, and at adulthood, Pyxies keep their big appetite and agressivity on preys. Pacman frogs slow down appetite when they are adult.
    But this is not a rule. Just observation from myside with my pets. Each frog is different from an another.
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    Default Re: Eating behavior/speed question.

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Eating behavior/speed question.

    yes that is how it goes, your baby pixie is gonna grow at the rate that will shock you, male or female, it will be like overnight, one day it is tiny and the next double that size, he needs to eat a lot in order to grow that fast and on top of that they are known for beeing aggressive eaters ( keep your fingers away lol), ornate on the other hand will be doing the same, but not quite as fast, they are more lay back, some ridiculously lazy.
    every species of a frogs are different, and every frog within the species is different too, so you just watch, if they both are eating no problem, look active and healthy, don't worry about the amount of food they eat.

    P.S. currently my adult female pixie (5") is eating about 4-5 times more then my adult female ornate ( over 6")
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    Default Re: Eating behavior/speed question.

    @Lija: Every time I see you reply, I just think of a savings account LOL. But yea my ornate is SOOOOOOOO lazy and barely moves. Even when it's feeding time, he's just that slow and doesn't lunge at his food like he's supposed to especially on dusting days. I think he really hates Ca.

    So I was really planning to start a B.Dubia colony BUT.............they are illegal in Florida; and that sucks . Do you guys recommend any other roach specie that is similar to Dubias in nutritional and breeding efficiency?


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    The store I get my nightcrawlers from come from florida. I'm in alabama. You might want to look into making a worm colony instead. I don t really know how to do it, but I have read about people doing it.

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    Default Re: Eating behavior/speed question.

    So yes my baby pixie eats as much as my ornate that is about twice his size. Wow..

    Is it me or ornates grow a lot slower than pixies? Mine has not grown much since I got him 3 week ago but the pixie has doubled his size.

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