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Thread: Beardie meet cat

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    Default Beardie meet cat

    Added a new animal to my zoo today. Decided to go with a calm friendly adult cat instead of a kitten because of the risk to all my other animals.

    Needless to say, it went well.

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    Love it! Both your new cat and your beardie are beautiful! I'm a big fan of calico/tortie cats. Years ago, I had a calico that would sit behind my hognose snake's tank all day. They actually both loved watching each other!


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    Thanks! I don't know what DNA is in this cat, but she's a lover and seems to just stare at my beardie/frog enclosures (rather than go nuts and find her way in). I do have to keep her separate from my dog though. The dog wouldn't ever purposefully hurt/kill my smaller animals, but she likes to play rough, so she has to be separated.

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    older cats from shelters are always better everybody like kittens, but it takes a good person to take on an older cat. Congrats! and good for you.

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