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    What type of roach or worm is the best to feed a marine toad and/or small tarantula.

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    Default Re: Roaches and worms


    Turkistan Roaches/Red Runners (Blatta lateralis)
    Oriental Roach (Blatta orientalis)
    Guyana Orange Spotted "Dubia" Roach nymphs (Blaptica dubia)
    Lobster Roaches (Nauphoeta cinerea) *

    B. lateralis is a good feeder species on the smaller size. They move around a lot and draw attention to themselves, are softer bodied, high reproductive rate, cannot climb or fly, and only attain an adult size of about 1". Blaptica dubia attain greater sizes and may not be suitable for the T unless you can a mixed lot or are breeding to produce offspring. Lobster roaches can climb smooth surfaces.


    Silkworms (Bombyx mori)
    Soldier Fly Larvae (Phoenix Worms/Calci-Worms)

    Variety is always best = )
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