Hi everyone! Any and all help would be much appreciated!

My wife and I have had a beautiful female American Green Tree Frog for a few months. She is a healthy and energetic eater with beautiful emerald green color in a 20-gallon tank with a shallow water dish, stick, and fake leafy greens for shade. We spray down the cage once or twice a day with de-chlorinated Brita-filtered tap water. We generally feed her one large, gut-loaded (with lettuce or spinach) cricket a day and watch from a distance until she eats it. She is, like I said, an energetic eater and usually gulps it down within a minute. It's summer in NYC right now and the temps in the cage have been consistently in the high 70s-90s F.

However, after spending a day at my parent's, we returned to find our beloved frog with a little grey sore/blister on her left leg. We weren't sure what it was at first and the next day it looked a little larger. At this point we freaked out and have spent a bunch of time trawling internet forums and websites for helpful information. The Basic Emergency Care page on this site has been a big help.

Basically we put her in a 0.6% salt bath as stated per the basic emergency care page for 15 minutes yesterday and then rubbed Neosporin on the sore spot and after only a day the grey spot/blister seems much improved and smaller. HOWEVER, now her left leg (where the sore is) appears greatly SWOLLEN, at least double or triple the size of the right leg. To me it looks awful! The rest of her body appears at normal size.

She continues to be an energetic eater, definitely isn't lethargic, and continues to have a nice emerald green color.

Can anyone help or recommend anything for the swollen leg? Can I just continue the salt baths and neosporine treatment? Or should I add something else into the mix? Going to the vet unfortunately isn't possible for us at this moment.

I am concerned somehow that the salt bath contributed to the swelling in her leg - like she's retaining the fluid there for some reason. Should I consider just pure spring water baths or even melafix or something like that?

Suggestions, help, advice! We love our little Juney and don't want anything to happen to her. (Especially as we are going on a family vacation/wedding soon, and will have someone else watching her for a while - it'd be great to get her as healed as possible before this!)