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Thread: Thoughts on raising Vent Thumbnail Tadpoles together in one deli cup?

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    Dendro Bob

    Smile Thoughts on raising Vent Thumbnail Tadpoles together in one deli cup?

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Bob and I am new to Frog Forum.
    I came here because I heard a lot of good things about this site.
    I am newer to dart frogs but not totally new.
    Some of my frogs include ranitomeya ventrimaculatus.
    They are small thumbnail frogs and they breed like rabbits.
    I mean I get like 7 eggs a week.
    I now have over 100 eggs and tadpoles.
    I know everybody raises only one tadpole per deli cup.
    That would be ok if they were like most regular dart frogs.
    But this is simply getting out of hand here.
    I cannot keep up.
    To save on time I am thinking of raising the tadpoles together in one deli cup.
    I plan on doing say 2 water changes a week to keep the water quality better. (I have heard that many people do not do water changes at all).
    My plan is not to keep all 100+ together just each clutch of about 7.
    That would save me a lot of time as well as space.
    They would also all be the same size since they would be from the same clutch.
    Do you guys think that this would be an ok idea?

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    Default Re: Thoughts on raising Vent Thumbnail Tadpoles together in one deli cup?

    The problem with raising vent tadpoles together is two fold. The first is cannibalism. Some dart tads can be cannibalistic even when given enough to eat. The second problem is that some dart tads secrete a hormone into the water that inhibit the growth of other tads. My guess is to reduce competition for food and space as they grow. What I use to raise my individual tads is a divided plan style case. I purchased a bead case from a local hobby shop. The spaces are 1"x1" and support about 16-20 tads. They're easier to store and move around than individual tad cups. Hope this helps a bit.

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