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Thread: My white's couldn't move lastnight!

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    Default My white's couldn't move lastnight!

    Hi all!
    So last night I went to check on Skittles, my White's Treefrog, before bed. I found him on his belly, legs all splayed out and covered in moss and coconut fiber. OMG I nearly had a heart attack - until I realized he was alive. I rinsed him off but thought for sure he was going to die. His back legs were all stretched out, and it didn't seem like he had much control over any of his legs. He wasn't limp either, but very stiff... kind reminded me of a seizure. I soaked a dish towel and put it in the bottom of a critter carrier, and laid him on that and misted it down so that he wouldn't dry out over night. I waited up with him for three hours but there was no improvement. His legs were constantly twitching, and once in a while he would move them like he was trying really hard to get up. Eventually I did have to go to bed and leave him. This morning when I got up, I expected him to have passed away - but no! He was sitting in the corner, looking his normal self again. I took him out to inspect him, he seems to have full use of his legs back and looks perfectly fine. I'm really quite shocked! Has anyone had this happen before? Or have any idea what could have caused it?? I'm wondering if he could have fallen and stunned himself or something? Because I don't know what happened, I don't know how to prevent it from happening again so any ideas would be appreciated it.

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    Default Re: My white's couldn't move lastnight!

    Is he eating? If not then take him to the vet right away - we've seen similar accounts on here before that were diagnosed as bacterial septicemia.
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    Do you give it calcium and vitamin supplements? Thinking calcium deficiency as a possibility.

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