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Thread: New here looking for information on toad

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    Default New here looking for information on toad

    I go by missmix48 here. I have a toad that keeps coming back home every time I take him to a new location. He or she??? is determined to live in my dog run under the dog house. in fact it is two dog houses with a connecting tin fence in the center of them separating the two dog runs. I have taken this toad out to the garden 80' away and it came back the same night. I took it out to the back of the horse pasture an acre away and it came back the next night. I took it a 1/4 mile away to the other side of the Highway by the wayside where there is a nice creek and a great bridge to live under. It came back 3 days later.
    I did the same with another (or maybe the same toad last year) I finally took it 2 miles away. But now I have the same problem (is it the same toad?).
    I find this very curious behavior. I like the toad but I don't want my dogs mouthing it and getting sick. I also have some pet rabbits out in the dog runs and don't want them sick and also would like to keep their water clean and toad free.
    That toad must appreciate the rabbits holes under the dog houses. lol
    I actually like that toad and have considered having it as a pet BUT it has a fine life outside and I know nothing about what a toad needs. I don't need another critter to care for.
    Is this the same toad??? It sure looks like the same toad. I am amused, confused, curious, amazed and on the verge of wanting a grant to study toad homing behavior!
    I would sure like to have some of you weigh in on this and let me know if you know anything about this kind of toad homing behavior. I also mentioned this on the facebook page you all have.

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    it may not be the same toad, there might just be a lot living around your house and you just dont know it. but if it is the same toad... he must be really attached to his home!

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    It could be the same toad. I had one that kept turning up in a pile of firewood that I was stacking and splitting. I took the toad to the garden a couple hundred feet away a few times and it kept returning. They definitely have some homing abilities. Here's an article where they were displaced a couple hundred metres away and generally made their way back home JSTOR: An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie (only the front page available unless you have jstor access) and you can probably find many more articles on toad homing and certainly more on frog homing in general.

    You'd want to take detailed photos of your toad to determine if it's the same one or not. Their spots and pattern are unique, but very complex and pretty much impossible to pick out unless you have a detailed record of it.

    If you want to keep the toad out of your animals water bowls, make sure they are high enough with smooth sides and not near anything the toad can climb and it shouldn't be able to make it in.

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    Default Re: New here looking for information on toad

    Hello and welcome to FF! Thanks for sharing your story, always enjoy a good one that portrays an animal extraordinary abilities. I'm thinking it's the same toad too and if it can map it's way home from 2 miles away it navigates better than many humans . Do understand your concerns with dogs and having one mess around wth toad is a possibility.

    If thinking about adopting it; here is good article to read on it's requirements so you kow what are you getting into: Frog Forum - Toad Basics - Keeping ground-dwelling Toads. A care sheet for Bufo, Anaxyrus, Spea, Scaphiopus, Ollotis, Alytes, Pelobates . Another possibility is to ask around friends or post a thread in the for sale section and try to find toad a home in your area by offering up for adoption (pics always help).

    If above not possible, have you tried filling up the hole under dogs house and somehow barring it so neither toad or rabbits can get in there again? Maybe that would deny the home it likes and make him search at other location away from dogs. Good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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