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    Question Red Eyed Tree Frog Question

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with some questions I have. I recently am a new owner to 2 Red Eyed Tree Frogs (possible boy and girl) I purchased on sunday. When I picked them out they both looked healthy not too skinny bellies looked good free of red/pink coloration. I noticed last night and again tonight that when they are awake and moving around in the terrarium their bellies turn red, but earlier today just before I went to work the belly of one of them was white while he was sleep up on the glass. I do not think it is septicemia as you would think they red coloration would be there all the time. I don't THINK it would be Red leg disease from the few pictures I have been able to find. Before I got these little guys I had a Green Tree frog in there ( sadly he must have jumped out during a feeding over a month ago and was never found ) I am a vet nurse at an exotics clinic so knowing what I do know I took apart the tank and cleaned everything. I cleaned the glass with vinegar and water, I took out all plants and soaked them in some dish soap then rinsed in the shower very well (at least I think so) I replaced the exo terra moss matt. There is also an exo terra waterfall in the tank that I cleaned out in the soap water and the rest I just rubbed down with the water and vinegar solution. I have an exo terra monsoon which has been keeping humidity at 85%. Day time temp is about 78F. I am at a loss as to what could cause these little guys to turn red when they are awake? Is t just the stress of a new environment? Could it potentially be what I used to clean with tanks with? If so wouldn't they be red when they are sleeping too? I have also noted when they are sleeping they are a lime green but so far when they have been awake they are fairly dark green. Which I have red could be due to stress or blending in with the environment. We have also fed these guys the last 2 nights and from what I can see all crickets have been eaten, so I think it is safe to say they are eating. Any help would be great. I am willing to take them into work with me to have a vet look at them but if it is simply something I can fix at home without having to stress them out more right now that would be great Here is a picture of the tank setupName:  IMG_0513.jpg
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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frog Question

    Welcome to Frog Forum

    "has been keeping humidity at 85%" this is too high - 70-80 % is fine ( higher leads to respiratory issues )
    daytime temp 78-82 degrees F.

    Photos of the this reddish coloration on their abdomen would be helpful. Very often they will have ,what I would call, a more orange coloration when /before they shed. Perhaps this is what you see. What for odd behavior --like sitting the water dish during the day which is an indication if illness.

    Be very careful with the exo carpet. It MUST be cleaned/ disinfected regularly ! Without soap. It is not really designed for 'proper'....constant cleaning/ disinfecting of which should be done in hot water and a few drops of bleach----rinsed well in de-chlorinated water.

    I believe a minimum of a 30 quarantine is needed for all new frogs.
    Ideally, they should be separated. Plain paper towel substrate- dampened with de-chlorinated water can be used ( changed at least every other day)
    This is the very most important thing you can do for your frogs
    instructions for a quarantine enclosure here:


    Cover three sides of their enclosure(s) to help make them feel more secure. They can take some time to adjust. Providing a day/night cycle in a low traffic area is very important!

    reminder: dechlorinated water - ONLY- for the soaking dishes. Misting the cage ( not the frog) with distilled water to help maintain the humidity will help to prevent water spots on the glass. Overtime, be sure to clean 'their sleep spots' really well. ( use distilled water, a single edge razor blade, and damped paper towel so that no dust is created when scraping) Clean in the daylight hours only.

    I'm sure you know not to disturb them ....and of course don't handle them unless absolutely necessary.

    Cleaning anything in a frog enclosure with soap of any kind worries me. As mentioned, a real good rinse was needed. So that's good ! But it still worries me.
    If they come in contact with any remnants of soap it will be absorbed into their skin!

    They will take very quickly to being fed in a bowl.( I use clear glass/3" sides ) It is a great way to monitor food intake.
    Don't forget to dust the appropriate size feeder with calcium and vit made for them such as RepCal with vit D or Repashy
    I feed my adult red eyed tree frogs- small crickets - I believe it reduces the chance of intestinal prolapse

    Vitamins Calcium
    Repashy Ventures - Distributor Center
    Foods Line

    Care sheet:

    Again - welcome to frog Forum. Please chime in !
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    Default Red Eyed Tree Frog Question

    Welcome Duma75,

    Lynn has you well covered. Photos of their bellies would be helpful.

    Heather =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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