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Thread: Ceratophrys cornuta vs. Fantasy Frog

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    Default Ceratophrys cornuta vs. Fantasy Frog


    what makes me curious: Why is it easier to get a C. cranwelli X C. cornuta mix (aka Fantasy Frog) than a pure captive bred C. cornuta? What is the reason? Is it easier to breed C. cranwelli X C. cornuta than C. cornuta X C. cornuta or is there a bigger market for Fantasy Frogs than for pure C. cornta?

    Are those bred with the help of hormones of is it also possible to crossbreed them without hormones?

    And a related question:
    In Fantasy Frogs which species is which part of the parents? Is the mother usually C. cornuta and the father C. cranwelli? Or is it vice versa? Or doesn't it matter and both version do exist?

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    Default Re: Ceratophrys cornuta vs. Fantasy Frog

    Hi Martin:
    Not sure of the specific genetic makeup of the fantasy. I do know that cranwelli can tolerate cooler temperatures than cornuta. So a fantasy frog is just a cranwelli with big horns
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    Default Re: Ceratophrys cornuta vs. Fantasy Frog

    The Fantasy Frog was created so that people could have the looks of the Cornuta, but get the feeding response of a Cranwelli making them a more desirable frog to the general population of keepers. Cornuta are notorius for being picky eaters, so this combination takes care of that. Cornuta only come in once a year in the spring so that is when the frogs are bred to produce the captive bred Cornuta that usually make it to the market right after the imports show up. This is why it is harder to find captive bred Cornuta throughout the year and also why they are more expensive. F2 Cornuta have not been produced, therefore breeders wait for importation every year in order to produce F1 offspring.
    Freshly imported Cornuta are easier to breed in comparison to producing Fantasy Frogs naturally, but both are bred using hormones most of the time. There is a possibility that Fantasy frogs can be produced without hormones, but obviously using them makes it much easier. Fantasy frogs have been produced using either set of parents, however it is easier to get a group of male Cornuta to exhibit breeding behavior than it is for females so it is usually done with male Cornuta and female Cranwelli.

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