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    Exclamation Sick Whites Tree Frog

    Three months ago I adopted a community of animals. It contained a Basilisk, Cuban Tree Frogs, and 3 Whites Tree Frogs. When I brought the animals home I separated all the species. The Whites Tree Frogs were very skinny but other wise seemed healthy. Today I noticed a lesion like spot on one of those frogs. I will be taking him to the vet ASAP. Unfortunately the only exotic vet who will look at frogs seems less knowledgeable then the people on this website. I was wondering if any of you have had a frog with this same problem, or have a suggestion on how to treat him.

    The pictures I am attaching are the following: 1 "Skinny" when I brought him home for the first time. 2. What Skinny looks like now. 3. His sore.

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    Paul Rust

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    Hi Julia, It's hard to tell what it is. Since you just got them I would start by guessing that it is an injury from inappropriate substrate. Is it getting bigger? Does it ooze liquid? I would start by treating it like an abrasion and cover it with neosporin. I know it is hard to keep this stuff on a frog but just check him frequently and reapply it as needed. If it doesn't start to get better soon than further investigation is needed by a vet.

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    Thanks for your fast reply. The sore was not there a week ago, this is something new. I have been treating him twice a day with neosporin...but I will up that as often as possible. I will also change the substrate from tile to white paper towels so I can see if there is any liquid coming out. The reptile vet specialist is not in the office till Wednesday so I have to wait until then.

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