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Thread: Wild Frogs

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    Question Wild Frogs

    Is it wrong to catch a frog and keep it as a pet?

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    Default Re: Wild Frogs

    When it comes to wild frogs, captive bred ones are much hardier than wild caught
    because stressed frogs from the wild will weaken their immune system and expose
    them to diseases and or may already have parasites or diseases of some kind. I
    personally dont think its right to keep wild caught frogs because of the worldwide
    declining populations of amphibians.
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    Default Re: Wild Frogs

    Check your local laws.

    It can be done responsibly without a noticeable impact if it's from a healthy and thriving wild population. The younger the better- taking a half dozen eggs out of an egg mass holding 2000 won't dent the population as much as taking out a breeding adult.

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    Default Re: Wild Frogs

    It depends what kind of "wrong" we're talking about. It could be wrong as in illegal, or wrong as in harmful to the wild population. It could be wrong morally, ethically. If you're taking an adult frog who grew up wild and placing him in a cage, some people would consider that very wrong (and just as bad as buying from pet stores, maybe worse) some people would be fine with it if the population is thriving and you do a good job taking care of your frog (but can he really be happy in a cage?)
    Personally, I'm against it there are always little guys out there who do really need good homes, you can put wanted ads online or ask your local SPCA or rescue center to call you when they get herps in.

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    Default Re: Wild Frogs

    Depends on the species. I have caught several grey tree frogs from my pool, and have kept that as pets. They love it in my tank, and I feed them everyday. As long as the species is in a healthy population, and you know you can take care of it properly, then go for it!

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