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Thread: Hamburg Pa. reptile expo June 8th

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    Default Hamburg Pa. reptile expo June 8th

    Heading to the Hamburg Pa. show this Saturday June 8th. Will not be there for the August Hamburg show but will be back for October.

    Redeyes Adults $50 ea.
    Redeye Subadults - $40 ea
    Albino Redeye Adults - $80 ea
    Blackeyed treefrog Juvies -$60 ea
    Cruziohyla Calcarifer sub adult $325 ea.

    Stary Night Reed Frogs - $20ea.
    Hylomantis Lemar $75 ea.

    D. Tinctorius Cintronella Froglets - $35 ea.
    D. Azureus - Froglets - $30 ea.
    D. Leucomelas -orange-Froglets - $45 ea.
    P. Vittatus Red Stripe- Froglets- $30 ea.
    R. Vanzolini Froglets - $80 ea.
    R. Orange Lamasi Froglets - $40ea.

    Fat tails:All adult males are between 55 and 80 grams and females are 45+grams. The restthat do not say adult is 30+ grams

    Patternless adult males-$300 ea.
    Patternless whiteout adult males- $600 ea.
    Whiteout adult females- $400 ea.
    Het for patternless adult males- $80 ea.
    Het patternless females- $150ea.
    Patternless whiteout males 30+ grams $700 ea.
    Patternless stripe males 30+ grams $300 ea.
    Whiteout females 30+ grams $400 ea.
    Will also have some younger fat tails with me.


    Universal rock (Fake rock that looks naturalistic and is great for creating waterfalls and planters in your vivariums)
    Black and clear Aquarium silicone

    Livesheet moss
    Orchidbark ( 2 sizes available)
    Waterpumps (3 sizes available)
    Fruit flies
    Fruit fly media
    Cricket gut load


    For more info on purchasing animals or supplies, please feel to contact me via phone 216-965-2856. I probably will not a chance to get on the computer.

    Thanks again,
    Michael Novy
    See you at the show!!!!

    Michael Novy

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    Default Re: Hamburg Pa. reptile expo June 8th

    FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS PREMIUM QUALITY ANIMALS...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MIKE! I purchased from him on numerous occasions and i would give him a 5 star rating! WAY BETTER THAN ANY PET STORE!!!

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