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Thread: Build help please :d

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    Default Build help please :d

    ok so i have acquired a 60 tall 60 wide and 45cm deep tanks. Ive done some tank builds in the past but looking to try some new different ways!.

    I have used silicone to black out the sides before i was wondering if there was any paints that would be suitable instead like hammerite ? i don't know so any help there or any other methods please?

    Next question is about the part after expanding foam. what else can i use other than silicone i heard wood glue is good and i think that would be easier to use as well. so any help on this or any other methods anyone has i would be grateful thanks.

    i await your replies

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    Default Re: Build help please :d

    aha just replied to your thread on reptileforum fella.

    check this thread out for titebond III method, deranged chipmunk is ace and plenty helpful too

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    Default Re: Build help please :d

    thank you very much ahah i'll go check it out thanks.. i just posted on there too there is some awesome people on there just american products they use arent available over here and frogs being as sensitive as they are dont wanna mess anything up. i can get hold of titebond III from b n q thanks mate

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    Default Re: Build help please :d

    unfortunately, that's what makes if difficult for us to make product recommendations to you guys on other continents. i always try to keep that in mind when recommending anything. luckily though, titebond is available to you guys. it makes building so much easier. no smell, no fuss, no muss. i love the stuff!!

    and Meef, thanks for the kind words, cheers !
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    Default Re: Build help please :d

    Yea thanks I'm only starting the build end of this month I'm defo going to use titebond thanks for the help

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