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Thread: The rest of my zoo

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    Default The rest of my zoo

    First; let me post some of the pets I've owned, unfortunately I had to let most of my scorpon collection go, due to my discoverd wasp allergy and a very concerned girlfriend.

    Hadrurus arizonesis, Brachypelma smithi, Babycurus jacksoni (with offspring), Avicularia avicularia
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    Brachypelma albopilosum, Scorpio maurus palmatus Correlophus ciliatus x2
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    And now on to the pets I still own.

    Androctonus mauretanicus
    , Aponophelma moderatum, Scolopendra sp. "Tanzanian yellow leg", Cynomys ludovicianus aka blacktailed prairiedog
    "Montana" "unnamed untill sexed" "Shredder" "Boddah"

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    I've owned 2 prairiedogs before, but unfortunately one died of age (she spent 9 years with me and was wildcaught), and the other had to be put to sleep because of a nose tumor.

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    Default Re: The rest of my zoo

    Lovely collection! I didn't know prairiedogs were ever kept as pets... what are they like?
    -Jeff Howell
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    Default Re: The rest of my zoo

    Awesome collection you have, love prairie dogs always thought they would be a great pet
    ~ Australian frogs Gotta love them

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    Default Re: The rest of my zoo

    Well, they are the most amazing pets I've ever owned. They are nosey, curious, stubborn, inventive, escape artists and pigheaded as hell. But, once they accept you as a member of the pack, they start seeing you as one of them. Usually while I'm surfing the forums or gaming, my boy is sleeping on my lap. He signals me when he wants to go back to his cage, to pee or eat.
    My old girl, broke her hip at a young age. I had to bottle feed her, but she was so tame, the second I got home she would be waiting at her cage door.
    I'd take her out, she'd sleep on me all day and when it was time for bed, I'd put her in her cage to go to the bathroom, and then she would sleep on my back all night long.
    She also kept many girlfriends at bay, I was hers. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her, she was the most awsome pet I've ever owned without a doubt.
    She was so stuck on me, she actually refused to breed with the male she was raised with, and unfortunately he couldn't crawl into bed with me, he used to bite my toes.
    Also the one I have now, isn't able to do that. He gets fidgety after about an hour and wants to go back to his own place.

    Oh, almost forgot, you can do whatever you want with a prairiedog as long as they are eating, once the food is gone, your in trouble though with wild ones.

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    Default Re: The rest of my zoo

    Nice pet collection, like the story on the Prairie Dogs .
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: The rest of my zoo

    Nice collection! Love the centipide.

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    Default Re: The rest of my zoo

    Brachypelma Smithi for the win. Your prairie dogs are cute.

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    Default Re: The rest of my zoo

    Thanks! Have to say I love all my pets, but my prairiedog and my frogs have a leg up In the future I'l be focusing on frogs and possums, but everyone here is allowed to live out the rest of their natural lives.

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