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Thread: Verarium Floors for Redeyed tree frogs?

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    Default Verarium Floors for Redeyed tree frogs?

    Hello Guys I have seen some absolutly Beautiful Verariums on here Hell I would love to live in one being the right size of coarse. But I have a question I see alot of them dont have flooring Substrate I may have built mine wrong for my Species I feel like a dunce Which would be better for them. and are yall using reptile carpet. I do love the fact it feels more airy like in the tree tops I definatly want a rain chamber like that. Whats your advice?

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    Default Re: Verarium Floors for Redeyed tree frogs?

    If your looking to have a rainy (at times) environment then I would go more with a drainage base layer with a Eco-earth or Zilla Jungle Mix top layer separated by window screen.

    Look at some of the build journals and you'll get plenty of ideas for making your own.

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