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Thread: Storing earthworms

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    Default Storing earthworms

    My flat is very cold in the winter but I don't put the heating on very often, so I've been storing tubs of worms under a cabinet in my living room for a few months with no problems. Last week I moved my furniture around a bit so the worms ended up being about 2ft closer to the radiator than usual, but still a good 2 metres away from it. I put the heating on once for about an hour, and I still felt cold so the room temperature can't have been that high. I noticed 2 days later that the worms had melted to death. The smell was rancid!

    In the summer my flat is boiling, so I'm wondering how I'm going to store worms. If they're going to melt to death in a room that I'm quite cold in then they're not going to stand a chance once the weather warms up and I feel like I'm melting myself :/ I don't have a garage or a garden or anywhere cool that I can store them. The thought of storing them in my fridge isn't that appealing since these guys are ninjas and they often wriggle their way out of the tiny breathing holes in the lid of the tub. I don't fancy finding them in my food!

    So, how else can they be stored? My dad suggested keeping the tub of worms in a bowl of water and replacing the water every time it starts to feel warm, but obviously the top of the tub would be sticking out of the water. Could this work?

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    Default Re: Storing earthworms

    For storing in the fridge, hot glue or tape some window screen over the holes. This should prevent most escapes.

    You could also find an inexpensive small soda or other fridge that can be used solely for the worms and for other feeder stuff.

    Yu might consider getting African Night crawlers or European Night crawlers since they don't have to kept cold.

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    Default Re: Storing earthworms

    Suck it up and keep them in the fridge

    You can seclude them with the boxes they come in into one of the fridge's storage compartments. If your still paranoid about them getting out, take the boxes they come in and stack them into another box ex. those Exo-Terra plastic little critter cages (or any tub) and keep the lid closed.

    But hey, I don't mind a worm sandwich once in awhile

    Hope that helps!

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