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    Just found this forum and wanted to say hello, I have a male and female Sonoran Desert Toad and am looking for info on breeding them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great night.

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    Welcome aboard. I have two myself. Check out John's article on the subject under care articles. Where are you from?

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    Thanks, Kurt. I'm from Mo. If I'm understanding the process right, last night would have been a prime time for breeding for us. It was raining all day and all night... I don't have my rain chamber built yet and so i was not set up for it!

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    Hi there - welcome to the club!

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    Rain is good but you haven't a chance of breeding them with just pressure changes. You need appropriate temperature and photoperiod conditioning.
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    Elaine (1beataway) is out by your neck of the woods. Currently however she is in VT with her BF. The rest of the time she is in MO.

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