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    Default Looking for opinions/help fowlers toad

    I see all these posts on the web asking if toads are in decline in the northeast. Some people say yes while others are undecided because of the lack of info. I'm 53 now and I grew up and still live on long island NY and I don't need any studies,survey,etc to know that the toads are almost all gone. When I was young I would help my dad with the landscaping and remember it taking about a half hour to sweep the toads off the lawn before it could be mowed. They were everywhere, we had to put a small floating ramp in our inground pool so they could get out, now you can't find any. Anyway trust me they are in decline no doubt about it. Now my question is I built a nice size pond in my yard and even installed a large sandy area we also live within an 1/8 of a mile of 3 lakes. I want to see if I can get them started again. #1 is this a good idea? #2 what are my chances of sucess? #3 can anyone help with any info needed to raise them? #4 keep them in my pond or put them in the lakes? (the lakes have ducks,geese,swans,trout and bass in them) and last question can anyone get me some toads or tadpoles (fowlers toad or one that will live in my area). Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Looking for opinions/help fowlers toad

    I was recently down at the pond I suspect my eastern american toad was born in, and they've put up a house sort of quickly. Name:  Image03152013135249.jpg
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    And there're about 20+ companies over there: Name:  Image03152013135306.jpg
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    This is the other side of the bridge: Name:  Image03152013135205.jpg
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Size:  91.3 KBName:  Image03152013135402.jpg
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Size:  82.3 KB There's a nature trail down this way and I don't think they're allowed to touch anything from here for maybe a mile. I hope not, as there are turtles further down. Snakes and something that builds really interesting stick dome houses along trial on water bank.
    But in the 5ish years that I've lived in this town, I have seen exactly 2 toads. One was in my bf's yard (he lives near here too) and the other is my Banjo, who was hopping on the sidewalk, all tiny. I used to live closer to the city and we'd find all kinds of frogs and snakes, but then, we were kids and getting into things. Even longer ago, in MD, we'd wade through the creek til we got rashes on our shins, just for fun. I don't do that stuff anymore, but I do hear them (frogs) calling in the Spring/Summer. Banjo got her name from some frogs who were calling on my way to work one night in another town, walking late through a road over a swamp. Freaked thinking someone was out there plucking a banjo, then another twang. I nearly started running, til I realized what it was. She's not that kind of frog, but I did pluck her.
    #1 Could be. Might be fun to raise tadpoles in your yard. #2 I'm not sure about that. #3 See #2. #4 I'd keep them in your pond and when they're big enough, they'll probably wander away on their own. If you set up toad huts some might stick around or come back to hibernate.
    That last one is tough. Check those lakes in the Spring (I know it's Spring but it doesn't feel like it in MA yet) and early Summer, and you might find some there calling, with ladies to follow. Maybe some will come call at your pond! Eastern American toads are native to you, too. If you know what the eggs look like (long stings) you might be able to collect them for your pond, as long as you use rainwater in it with plenty of algae for noshing, plus whatever else they need (see answers to questions 2 and 3). Tho if there are eggs, that means there are toads, and you're saying there aren't... Relocating tadpoles seems impossible and relocating grown toads doesn't seem like the best idea, but I guess both could be done.
    I'm not sure if this could work, or how to get it started, but it's a really nice idea. Toads are beneficial.
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