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Thread: White's tree frog dragging left back leg

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    Default White's tree frog dragging left back leg

    Hi everyone

    While taking care of my other sick little guy..we noticed something very strange with my other whites tree frog. He is dragging what seems to be the very bottom of his hind back leg and toes. As of earlier today, he was just fine. We dust his crickets nearly every time he eats so I don't think its MBD. He just ate yesterday (dusted crickets) and he was jumping and acting normally. I don't know if he injured himself jumping around? Is there anything I can do for him? He's flipping over when he is trying to jump and climb walls so I am extremely worried! He's not a calm frog..and tends to move, jump and play often..and getting him to calm down now is hard..we finally transformed his tank into a hospital tank..andn got him to relax in some warm bath water.

    Is there anything we can do for him to help? All toys are already out of his tank.

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    Default Re: White's tree frog dragging left back leg

    Hi Lisa! Good that you got him in hospital tank set-up. Can you take him to Vet for X-ray? That would positively ID or rule out a physical injury and it's what I would do. Other than that is to keep him in hospital set-up and hope he recovers by itself; but if injured and without Vet care that leg might be messed-up permanently. Make sure all his "toys" aren't capable of accidentally catching on to legs and cause injuries. Good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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