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Thread: Identifying gender of H. cinerea (age/size question as well)

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    Default Identifying gender of H. cinerea (age/size question as well)

    So I've had my Green Tree Frogs Verde and Boom for about a month and a half now (from Petsmart if that matters at all), and have learned that Verde, the bigger of the two, is undoubtedly male due to daily calls he makes, but I still don't know about Boom. In addition to Verde's calls, he also has the wrinkled, darkened throat skin l hear males have, which I don't seem to notice on Boom. As mentioned before, Verde is also bigger than Boom by a bit, making me doubt Boom being female. The smaller size yet lack of the throat pattern makes me think Boom may be a young, growing female. Does this seem like a fair assumption? At the very least I'm pretty sure Boom is juvenille, which leads me to ask; how long does it usually take for these guys to become full sized adults?

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    Default Re: Identifying gender of H. cinerea (age/size question as well)

    Another question, is it possible for the throat to darken as the frog matures? It almost looks like Boom has grown a little bit, plus his throat looks a bit darker. Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I dunno.

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    Default Re: Identifying gender of H. cinerea (age/size question as well)

    Third bump, with observational images. Last night I happened to come across Boom in the water dish, with his/her throat ever-so slightly sagging, something I typically see in Verde before/after calling. Any thoughts? When I first looked into if that unretracted vocal sac was problematic, I believe I came across it being a sign of a growing frog, not fully used to retracting its vocal sac, perhaps supporting the idea Boom is still growing.

    And additional adorable size comparison of Verde (left, the bigger male) and Boom (right, smaller unknown). Normally, Boom perches up there during he day, but Verde decided he wanted to steal Boom's spot.

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